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Merchant Data Solutions is a Point of Sale company serving the state of New York.  Our offices are located in the Capital District.  From Buffalo to Ithaca... Potsdam to Poughkeepsie... we are YOUR point of sale professionals.  

(Southern VT and Western MA too)

What will a point of sale system do for MY business??

Top Ten reasons you need a

Point of Sale System:


1.  Get paid for what you serve:  No food or beverage across the kitchen line or bar without a prep ticket… It gets rung up.


2.  Same price from every employee:  Susie charges $.50 for extra blue cheese, Timmy charges $1,  Billy gives it away for free.   Eliminate customer dissatisfaction with different prices.  


3.  Track what you sell:  Every Monday the chef knows what he USED….  Not really sure what he sold…  Item by item detail for items sold.  Compare used versus sold. 


4.  Par Levels and Inventory:   You can set par levels and create a purchase order for how many cases to order…  REGARDLESS of whom you bought from.  Your food rep has  your order history but can not track what you bought from “the other guys.”  You buy 5 cases  but really needed 7.   Build a par level based on what the restaurant sold… help eliminate the disruption caused when a key item is out of stock.


5.  Sales:  What are sales versus last week, last month, last year.  Am I trending up? Down?  Is this week ahead of last week?  We can show sales by the hour / shift / day... let us know what YOU want to know.  


6.  Know EXACTLY what is selling and when:  And I mean selling, not being used.   And for what price and at what time of day.


7.  Control payroll:  It is only getting more expensive every year.

We provide powerful tools to assist in managing that cost! 


8.  Speed for the guest…  Instant guest check when it is time to pay, eliminate pulling out the calculator.  


9.  Speed for the guest… orders are sent to the kitchen or bar faster than ever.  More time on the floor for the server to sell.


10.  Speed for the guest… FAST payment whether credit card, gift card or cash…  When it's time to go...  It's time to GO!  All your good work can go down the drain if the guest can not pay quickly (and securely).

Why Merchant Data Solutions?


If this is "unknown territory" for you, you probably do not know the right questions to ask.  We call these




Merchant Data EDUCATES and INFORMS before we sell.


We assist in deciding what level of POS product you need to run and grow your business.  


There is ALWAYS a no obligation no cost consultation.  


Remember, once you purchase your system you are most likely attached to the dealer that sold you the system.  

Choose wisely!


Let's discuss your needs over a cup of coffee...






Merchant Data​ Solutions 





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